With today’s unpreceded times where people around the world are forced to practice social distancing and stay home, we want to lift people’s spirits and keep them being positive with a unique piece of communication. Meanwhile many brands are struggling to stay relevant, creating content that sometimes doesn't sound very different from the rest.


From our own experience working from home, we realized that in a funny way we were getting to know our neighbors more than ever. Not by interacting with them, but by hearing their daily routine through walls. It was this realization which inspired us to come up with our idea. Normally, hearing your neighbor playing the accordion early in the morning or using their blender all day would be frustrating. But in times like these, it has become a reassuring and even welcome sound, knowing that your neighbors are safe as they carry on with their daily routines.


We created a story through film which takes the form of a kind of letter from one man stuck at home to his neighbors who are also stuck at home. A story which shows how even though they aren’t meeting physically, he is getting to know them better than ever through the sounds of their noisy and annoying daily routines.


Our growth targets for this film are increased optimism among our audience, increased sales of Noise Cancelling 700 headphones both in-store and through e-commerce, and most importantly increased brand affinity for Bose in these unprecedented times. The film is being shared via Bose’s social platforms in markets around the globe such as GCC, Asia Pacific, Germany, France, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Bose Dear Neighbor

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