Sligro is the largest B2B food retailer in the Netherlands, with ambitions to be the number one online shop in the food and grocery industry.

The company recognised user experience was top priority for achieving its ambitions. On the back of our experience in the food and drink grocery category, Wunderman Thompson Commerce was chosen to give guidance on digital retail strategy and investment. The main objective was to improve and streamline the purchasing journey, ensuring customers could place orders on all devices with minimum effort.


In order to deliver against Sligo’s core strategic goals, we set two objectives:

  1. to replace an outdated ordering system with a new, personalised, scalable and transparent ecommerce environment.
  2. to make the ordering process as fast and simple as possible.

We set out to make sure that the complete customer journey, up to the point of distribution, took place seamlessly within Sligro Food Group’s website. To make progress to the final stage of the customer journey (i.e. making a transaction) as swift and user-friendly as possible, we knew that 100% transparency married to a personalised eCommerce environment was required.


We created a solution on the IBM WebSphere (now HCL Commerce) platform that allows Sligo to manage its own B2B operations from start to finish, governing rates, rights and product assortments based on user insights.

At the same time, we remodelled the customer journey so it was fully personalised with all stages up until distribution controlled by Sligro Food Group.


The co-operation between Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Sligro has allowed the company to drive optimisation of its website using customer insights. This intelligence is obtained from customer data, customer panels, and usability testing. Sligro aims to increasingly optimise the eCommerce platform by responding to the customer’s ever-changing needs and demands.

All in all, the new ordering system has helped Sligro generate an average annual turnover in excess of €1bn.

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