The primary objective of the first part of our new campaign was to announce the launch of grocery delivery by Delivery Club (our consumers mostly knew DC as a ready-to-eat food delivery service). The second part of the campaign was aimed at supporting the message and building awareness about the new service among our target audience.

Our challenge though was to tacke the prejudice that ordering grocery delivery is something extra, some kind of luxury for rich or lazy people.


We were eager to fight the prejudices and break the barrier as we truly believe that grocery delivery is something suitable and affordable for everybody, something pleasant that you can treat yourself or your loved ones with on a daily or weekly basis.


Both videos play in a funny way on the prejudice that grocery delivery is something for the privileged and is not affordable. We’ve released two videos that appeal to both female and male audiences. In the new videos we didn’t forget about the brand’s creative frame – we adapted it and employed in a new and fresh way.


The campaign resonated with both female and male audiences, and provoked a vivid online discussion.

Our consumers not only like this commercials but also reported very high grades for “trust in information”, “usage intention“ and “recommendation to others”. They also mentioned very high level of branding. Overall effectiveness of this communication is 5 points higher than upper level of “normal” grade.

DC Grocery 20s 201116 up eng
DLR 20 v2 HD engsub 200827 v1

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