Discount Time 3

Discount Time

A real-time promotion that matches time added by the referee.


  • Tuenti


  • Argentina


Without budget to be an official sponsor of the Argentine national team, Tuenti still had to find a way to be present at the American Cup in Brasil and engage its target audience – who was watching every minute of the event.


In addition to typical television broadcasts, millennials watch football matches on their smartphones – in Argentina, 72% of them use both devices at the same time.


In all the matches played by Argentina, we developed a real-time promo linked to the "discount time" given by the referees – meaning that when minutes were added to regulation time, users had those same number of minutes to get promotions with very low prices. When ran out, they could no longer access the site.


The campaign kept Tuenti top of mind with young mobile phone users, increasing its presence in the Argentine market and sustaining monthly growth. Previously, people recalled three competitor companies – with this initiative, Tuenti became a popular option chosen by young people.

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2019 Diente - Círculo de Creativos Argentinos

RealTime Response


2019 Diente - Círculo de Creativos Argentinos