Young Kiwi drivers are over-represented in fatal crashes on New Zealand’s roads. We teamed up with ACC and NZTA to do something about it. Our challenge was to understand the young driver audience and build an experience that would engage them in a way that resulted in meaningful behaviour change.


Kiwi teens are anxious to get on the road. The problem is they're not reading the dense 300-page Road Code – a problem for low literacy rates or 21st century learning techniques. Once they get behind the wheel, Kiwi teens often struggle and pick up bad habits, normally from parents with a hazy knowledge of road rules and best driving practises.


Working with a user testing group of 100 Kiwi teens, we designed and developed, a fully interactive digital road code that helps young drivers get to grips with the road rules through interactive videos, learning games, and bite-sized quizzes.

Helping young Kiwis learn the road rules was only the first step. Next we teamed up with app development specialists Alphero to deliver Drive Go, a mobile app designed to equip learner drivers with the skills needed to pass the Restricted licence driving test the first time they take it.

Using GPS tracking and geospatial mapping, the app helps learners practice driving in all situations and conditions they’ll face and need to master in order to become safe solo drivers.


Since launch, more than 100,000 Kiwis have registered with Drive and more than 680,000 Interactive Road Code units have been completed. With an average session duration of over seven minutes, Drive is helping to create better and safer young drivers and reduce fatalities on New Zealand’s roads.

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2019 Best Awards

2019 Best Awards