For truckers, Shell Rimula lubricant is synonymous with protection for truck engines, but to engage drivers even closer with the brand, we needed to go further. So Shell brought us a challenge to expand the concept of care and protection for drivers who travel the highways of Brazil.


Protecting the truck is the mission for Shell’s Rimula product – What if we could extend that promise of protection to every truck driver across an entire nation? With such a connected community of drivers we had all the collective wisdom we could ever need.


Eddie Highway would become a perfect partner for truckers. In the form of a charming bobblehead doll, Eddie is placed on the dashboard panel and gathers real-time data about highway conditions and hazards, transmitting it to a virtual map that uses Google Maps technology and can be accessed both on Shell´s website and from partner mobile apps that are popular among truckers. The project was a real alert to truckers.


During the first month of the project, more than 6,000 potholes in Brazil’s highways were mapped, 10% of which were considered to be of high risk for the truck itself.

The launch videos of Eddie Highway were viewed more than 8.7 million times, producing a result 6.2 times greater than forecasted compared to past Shell campaigns.

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2018 Cannes Lions

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