Paris is the most congested city in Europe. Every day, it’s paralyzed by more than 200 km of traffic – and during the strikes in 2019, when there were no Metro or RER trains, this figure reached 700 km. Doctors must navigate this traffic to get to intervention sites, and it’s estimated that every minute lost is 10% less chance of survival – making reaction time crucial.


How can doctors respond to a medical emergency if they’re unable to travel or will arrive too late? Why not develop an innovative mode of transport that will save them valuable time to get to intervention sites?


Wunderman Thompson Paris partnered with Ecox, the electric bike specialists, to design a bicycle to help doctors navigate the city faster than any other vehicle could and reduce response times to medical emergencies. More than an electric bike, it’s the city’s first medical vehicle designed to meet the needs of doctors. Cutsom built in the workshops of Ecox, Emergency Bikes feature technologies specified by doctors in the field.


Able to carry a full kit of medical equipment, navigate traffic jams and park easily, Emergency Bikes allow doctors to reach intervention sites twice as quickly. They’re also an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Emergency Bikes are a mobile medical practice that’s constantly improving, and since its launch with doctors from the Paris Medical Emergencies organization, Ecox has received requests from many other medical services to create Emergency Bikes tailored to their needs.

Emergency Bikes Case Study France New

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