Bepanthol, well-known and trusted brand with 75 years of medical expertise behind, has been offering various skin care, baby care, wound healing and sensitive skin products and solutions to Turkish consumers for years.

Bepanthol Dry Skin product range on the other hand, had been competing within the Skin Care category and needed to gain popularity. Bepanthol Dry Skin family needed to shift its perception from “mom’s medical cream used only when treatment needed ” to “a loved part of the daily skin care routine”.

Skin care category brands were featuring a glamorous world and we needed to differentiate in the clutter. Therefore a simple celebrity beauty campaign wasn’t enough.


To maximize our popularity we decided to collaborate with famous, trusted and loved actress Aslı Enver.

Usually portraying cute, naïve, romantic roles, we knew that she would soon appear in an unprecedented character for her: an undercover police agent. In the first 4 episodes of the new TV serie “Babil” she would start in an indistinctive role and her secret would only be revealed in the 5th episode.

This shift was a perfect match for the freshness we wanted for Bepanthol. To

amplify the impact we decided to feature her in an action movie set-up

instead of a beauty shot cliché.

But to getting into the every day life routine of consumers required more than a TV communication.


We’ve placed a secret phone number in the 4th episode on TV and asked viewers to message on WhatsApp.

We collaborated with influencers and created a buzz around this secret number on social media.

Users started to interact with our WA bot which gradually revealed hints on Aslı’s secret. At the end of 2 days-long journey, users finally received the link to watch the first mobile-only episode to find out Aslı’s secret before TV viewers.


570,810 WhatsApp messages were sent by 69,006 single user. In return our Babil WA bot responded with 636,703 messages.


  • Strengthened its market leadership with 8.4% growth in value and 7.4% growth in units (Growing from 25.1% to 32.5% in unit and from 30% to 38.4% in value. (2019 vs Feb 2020)
  • Bepanthol ranked number 1 Top of Mind Skin Care Brand with 28%, resulting in long time number 1 competitor Nivea (23%) fall behind. Unaided Brand Awareness score went from 20% to 48% while the TOMA score was multiplied by 2.8 (increasing from 10% to 28%).
  • Became the Most Loved Skin Care Brand, increasing our score from 18% to 29% and surpassing Nivea (17% → 16%)

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