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FEMPLEA is a mobile platform of women, for women, where home services can be hired risk-free.


  • Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad


  • Argentina


In Argentina, gender violence is a serious problem – in 2017, one femicide took place every day. Women are harassed in the streets, on social networks and even in their own homes. Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad is an NGO that fights against gender-based violence and discrimination by promoting female welfare and empowerment. When we identified which issues women suffer daily, we found that women feel at risk and exposed to harassment when they hire a home service.


Great inequality exists between men and women throughout the world. In Argentina, this has become a serious problem for women, who suffer high levels of violence. To reverse the crisis, women in Argentina united under the cry “ni una menos”, or not one less, demanding that the government to take measures to protect them. Our campaign focused on the fact that women felt at risk to violence when hiring home service workers who were strangers to them and many times suffered abuse. We created a solution to help these women.


Hiring home services like a locksmith or electrician is something women deal with every day, but many women feel uncomfortable letting a strange man into their homes and leaving themselves vulnerable to harassment or even danger. To help avoid this risk and create awareness of the issue, we developed FEMPLEA – a mobile platform of women for women, where home services performed by women can be hired risk-free. We also encouraged labor by women in areas where it was traditionally done by men and promoted it. We created a relevant space and communications campaign about the risks women face every day.


FEMPLEA became the NGO´s most successful campaign, and for the first time in 20 years Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad appeared in mass media in Argentina and throughout the region. Key newspapers picked up the news and it even reached international media like CNN, who interviewed the director of the NGO.

The number of women who enrolled in trade courses increased by 65%, an annual record, and these women will likely become future providers of FEMPLEA. Other NGOs, National Government officers and major companies contacted us to learn more about FEMPLEA and how they could participate.

Fundación Mujeres En Igualdad has also been asked to present this initiative in worldwide forums, including in Sweden, Canada and the US.

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