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Budtender app clears the air about where your cannabis comes from.




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Legalization of cannabis was nearing its one-year anniversary, but there was still a lot of confusion amongst Canadians about the bud they’re consuming and who is growing it. With limited space on packaging and tight regulations, brand and product information isn’t always easy to communicate.


Consumers are on the lookout for the latest trends in tech and the constantly evolving cannabis category to help guide their purchase considerations. At the end of the day, consumers don’t know much about cannabis and may not want to ask questions. Aiming to be completely open and transparent, FIGR wanted to help.


By taking a mobile first approach, FIGR launched an augmented reality app called “FIGR Budtender” intended for budtenders and consumers alike.

Budtender is a consumer facing AR app used to educate the public and build confidence around the FIGR brand. The information that feeds the app is a proprietary technology called SENTRI, which uses a variety of data points to help identify the journey of the product from seed to sale. By scanning the logo on the package and entering the lot number, users can learn everything about their cannabis. From its mother plant’s birthday to its terpene profile, to the date it was picked and packaged.

Powered by AR technology, users can explore 3D renderings of their bud, visit the virtual FIGR grow room and even place an AR cannabis plant in their home. This created an immersive and interactive experience for the user and allows FIGR to deliver more information about their product in a unique way.


The FIGR budtender app has demonstrated the brand’s commitment to radical transparency around their growing methods, building trust amongst consumers and cannabis sales staff in the process. By unlocking information consumers demand and allowing them to get to know their bud better, we’ve set a new benchmark for how the industry should behave and a new expectation around the act of shopping the category.

FIGR Budtender is the most downloaded cannabis brand app in Canada in both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

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