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For All Job Hunting Girls

An anthem from Sofy for girls struggling towards a brighter future.


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For Japanese college students, job hunting season brings much anxiety. Students typically begin the strenuous process in the summer, before graduation the following March. Due to an overwhelming amount of stress and pressure, many female students face health complications that include missed, late or irregular periods and sudden pain before an important interview.


Unicharm strives to go beyond just providing sanitary products by also bringing positivity to consumers every day.


To promote and support female college students in the job hunting process, we partnered with Unicharm to create an original story and short film.


Our messages that “It’s okay to be your true self” and “As long as you’re yourself, you will be able to find your own path in life” resonate with today’s younger generation that lacks confidence in being themselves, and has resulted in over seven million views on YouTube

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