All around the world, journalists face threats, arrest, and murder. There are stories that corporations, organized crime groups and governments don’t want to see published.


Forbidden Stories has a mission: bypassing any form of censorship by publishing these stories. To achieve this, Forbidden Stories offers journalists working on a sensitive issue a secure way to back up their work with us.


In case something happens to the journalist, the association will be able to pick up the investigation, complete it, and publish it broadly thanks to its collaborative network of news organizations. By protecting and continuing the work of reporters who can no longer investigate, Forbidden Stories sends a powerful signal to enemies of a free press: even if you succeed in stopping a single messenger, you will not stop the message.


Wunderman Thompson Paris has worked with Forbidden Stories since its launch in 2017. The agency launched the “Daphne Project” that has won many international awards.

This year and during the containment period in France, Wunderman Thompson Paris created an animated film for Forbidden Stories in order to raise money for the cause. To create this 2 minute powerful film, the agency worked with a rising star of animation named Vincent Gibaud. Vincent worked on the Oscar-winning film from Wes Anderson “Isle of Dogs”. It has been inspired by the openings of “Catch me if you can”, “Mad Men” and even “The Adventures of Tintin” from Steven Spielberg. The film should launch in France in some months.


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