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From a big no to a resounding yes 

Transforming a nation of savers into a nation of investors.


  • Association of Mutual Funds in India


  • Mumbai


India has always been a cautious nation when it comes to money matters. This has made Indians shy away from even trusted investment vehicles like mutual funds that can help the economy grow.  Traditionally, Indians have not invested in mutual funds, believing in the negative myths investing in them.  

With investments in mutual funds being less than 15% of GDP, the challenge our clients, the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) - an association of fund houses in India - put before us was to reverse these unfounded myths and negative perceptions of mutual funds in the minds of Indians and increase investment.  

Challenge accepted.


The best way to shatter these myths was to answer them in the way they started: through casual conversations! 

Our research showed that when it came to important life and financial decisions, people mostly turned to trusted friends and family members for opinions and advice. These views were most instrumental in making a final decision. Furthermore, once convinced, they would revisit these opinions for a final green light of approval.


Our creative solution took this insight about mutual funds to a new paradigm. The ‘Art of Conversation’ inspired authentic conversations using real people and regular situations in a multichannel, multi-language, multimedia campaign to educate Indians about mutual funds. 

We turned curiosity into conversions by using ‘Sahi’ information - when people are at the peak of curiosity - to drive investments. The campaign was tied together with a simple branding cue: the colloquial phrase ‘Sahi Hai’, which Indians use when they are pleasantly surprised, enlightened and happy. More importantly, it also meant “that’s correct,” which acted as validation and reassurance that potential investors wanted.


An unprecedented 27x growth in the number of investors in a single year vs. the average of the previous 50 years.  

In the 50 years preceding the campaign, mutual funds had less than nine million individual investors. In the first year of our campaign, five million new individual investors were added. 

This groundbreaking campaign won a Bronze Effie for Brand Experience, and ‘Sahi Hai’ became synonymous with mutual funds - forever changing the perception of mutual funds in the minds of Indian investors.


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