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From Mate To Mate

Director sends digital ‘souvenirs’ via analog mail to his mates




  • Bangkok


Huawei Mate 20 was the brand's most advanced phone at the time, but to declare that there was more to this AI-enhanced phone than its specs, the brand needed a campaign that brings a human heart to the cerebral machine.


Smartphones have made the world as small as the palms of your hands. But sometimes, it's not just about how fast or how many of life's moments you can keep in your phone, but how much time and care was captured in each of them.


Huawei sent famed director Nawapol T. on a trip to Japan, Thailand's favourite destination, to record special moments on his phone only to physically mail them back in USB drives as souvenirs for his mates. An online platform would also let users customize and send additional footage as special souvenirs to their own mates.


The director's cut of the film received over 8 million views combined. Over 10K clips were shared online from the Mate to Mate platform. And Huawei is finally seen by Thai consumers as being more than a phone factory, but a brand that is emotionally relevant to their lives.

Wunderman Thompson Thailand WORK Huawei From Mate to Mate case video

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