Nova wasn’t as remarkable on the Saudi shelves. Those shelves were flooded with water brands, shouting big scientific claims, since most of them are artificially purified.


Right under the bed of desert sand, the land of Saudi Arabia today offers… the unbelievable: an enormous pool of underground natural water, that took millions of years to gather due to the movement of the tectonic plates. And Nova, a Saudi water brand, was awarded a very rare permit to extract that very jewel of a water thanks to exceptional technology.


It was time for Nova to step in, put the source of its water in the forefront and awaken the Saudi pride in every bottle. Introducing: "From the Heart of this Land", Nova’s new long-term platform that gave back the brand its lost image, reflecting the true nature of Saudi Arabia, a country that is so blessed it keeps giving and defying all perceptions.


The campaign resonated emotionally with every Saudi, becoming the number 1 water brand campaign in the country. The campaign also resulted in: 226.7 million Impressions, 54.1 million Views on various social media sites, a 10.9% increase in sales and an overall 1% increase in market share. Nova’s overall endorsement scored 66%.

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2 Campaign Communication
NOVA From the Heart of this Land Creative Reel

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