Driven by climate change, forest fires are becoming more frequent, violent, and difficult to control. Unfortunately, Greece is one of the countries that is heavily affected while its topography and other factors make fires especially difficult to control. In 2021 alone more than 1.2M acres of land were burnt. In line with its purpose of protecting the planet Vodafone wanted to make a meaningful impact by helping combat this critical issue that affects us all.


As a provider of various network driven technologies that make homes and businesses smarter could we us this expertise to make our forests smarter and thus safer too?


Vodafone Smart Forest uses a complex set of sensors and cameras to monitor the forest for fires. Data from these sensors is communicated over the mobile network to a center where AI driven algorithms monitor the data to detect fires well before most human observers could. To communicate this complex idea and explain how Vodafone’s solution will make a real difference, our creative team built a campaign that creates an analogy between the “eyes” that naturally occur in the forest and the “eyes” of the protection system.

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