For many years, KITKAT has been giving people a break from all kinds of routine, pressure and stress. But as life increasingly goes digital, more and more pressure is caused by things like social media and games.


We managed to express KITKAT's core brand message in a fresh, creative way. Surprising gamers by giving them a positive break within their favourite online game: FIFA22 on PlayStation.


By engaging with fully emerged gamers and giving them a break through smart use of the world's most popular football game, we managed to increase brand affinity among a younger, hard to reach audience.


Over 700 gamers got a break in the middle of their intense FIFA22 FUT Champions weekend. That's 30+ KITKATs an hour.

We got a response rate of 87% to the KITKAT message we've sent via PlayStation Messages after each game. And 100% of the gamer's reactions were positive.

Kitkat giving gamers a break subs 1080p

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