Everyone knows Grand Marnier, but not everyone necessarily knows what it's made of. Our first challenge was to present Grand Marnier by highlighting its recipe and multiple uses in cocktails. The other challenge was to rejuvenate the brand to attract new, young, urban consumers and inspire bartenders.


Today, we all tend to turn to those who resemble us. Same origins, same tastes, same goals... For Grand Marnier, the most incredible experiences come from diversity and encounters. As proof, it's an unexpected encounter between cognac and orange that gave it its unique taste and personality.


The campaign showcases encounters between characters, arts, and styles that are opposites. Each element of the encounter symbolizes a facet of Grand Marnier: an orchestra and a classical dancer represent the authenticity of cognac, a DJ and a hip-hop dancer suggest the strength and energy of the orange liqueur. Throughout the film, produced like a music video, the different characters confront and mix to create a unique work, a rare and new moment. Like the creation of Grand Marnier through the encounter of cognac and orange liqueur.


The campaign consists of 6 films and is deployed in print, digital, and POS channels. Each asset contributes to bringing new life to the brand through a universal message and premium imagery. With this new philosophy, the brand aims to reach sales of 10 million liters by 2025.


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