Gymkuma, a new Jordanian sportswear brand, was about to launch in a city with a small fitness community (5.7% of the population). This small community usually hangs out at the gym where industry clothing giants’ rule. With a small budget, it was impossible for the brand to compete… inside.


Amman, Jordan’s capital, is an old city built over several hills. Its landscape consists of narrow alleys, long staircases, and downhill and uphill roads. We realized it was the perfect playground for us, hiding in plain sight.


We located different spots around the city that require more physical effort than regular walking to get from A to B. We then branded these locations with the most urban tool: informative street plaques. The plaques shared a unique exercise plan custom-made for each location which were pinned to Google Maps to help people find these hidden gyms.


The hidden gyms soon became hot spots! Citizens became more active, groups located new meeting points, and athletes found new places to workout outdoors.

Gymkuma Hidden Gyms

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