Overlooking food in your fridge is a widespread problem. People simply don’t see or realize the potential of the food that they have on hand, causing them to throw away perfectly good ingredients and resulting in significant financial and food waste for families at home. The average American family of 4 wastes $1,600 of food every year because they don’t see the possibilities staring back at them.


Hellmann’s, on its mission to end food waste, needed a new way to make people really see the possibilities within their fridge. To prove there’s more in your fridge than you think, we put something inside a fridge that we knew people would hate to waste.


Across New York City, America’s worst offending city for food waste, fridges popped up in digital out-of-home format, stocked with the most commonly wasted ingredients and one special ingredient: $1,600 cash, ready to be claimed by anyone who saw it. All they had to do was direct-message Hellman's on Instagram as soon as they saw the prize. We put a massive fridge in Times Square in front of millions - and since it’s not just a New York problem, we put a fridge on Instagram for everyone to see and claim the money.


Out of the 4,268,373 people who saw the fridges, only one result mattered - the number of people who claimed the money. So, how many did? Zero. When it comes to ending food waste, it pays to see more inside your fridge.

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