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Helping Reynolds win on Amazon

Capturing meteoric sales growth via advertising on Amazon.


  • Reynolds Consumer Products


  • Seattle


Despite dominating a number of categories, popular home essentials brand Reynolds was facing a barrage of strong competition on Amazon. When they needed to prove internally that investing in Amazon at scale across all sub-brands was the right approach, they turned to Wunderman Thompson Commerce.


We devised a strategy that took advantage of sales opportunities that competitors working on short-term planning cycles routinely missed.


We drew up a multi-faceted, long-term advertising strategy design that included:

  • Balancing broad and product-specific advertising across a number of campaigns
  • Building a set of relevant search terms using third-party and internal tools
  • Executing daily bid management at the keyword level, also using automated internal tools
  • Implementing a set of robust targets for spend, return on spend and CPM specific to each sub-brand’s market position


  • In the space of a year, Reynolds saw a seven-fold increase in sales generated by Amazon PPC advertising
  • Return on ad spend increased three-fold
  • These returns were underpinned by significant cost savings, as we achieved a CPM approximately one third of the average for Google Ads and half the average for all display advertising