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Fighting domestic violence the only place violence belongs: the ring




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Thailand is #2 in the world in cases of domestic violence against women, but communication efforts rarely capture the attention of the perpetrators themselves – husbands and partners.


Thailand's iconic martial art Muay Thai is the vehicle of our message. Thousands of Thai men flock to the boxing rings every weekend and millions more watch it live on TV, a massive celebration of masculinity.


A real victim of domestic violence came to Thailand’s most iconic Muay Thai stadium, replacing the over-sexualized ring girls. Her makeup reproduced her actual injuries as documented by the police, and the sign she held up sent a clear message to thousands of men present at the stadium and millions more watching live on TV.


On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, people around the country showed their solidarity on social media, generating 19 million THB in free public relations value. Since the stunt, 25 more abuse victims who hid in fear and shame finally broke their silence to seek justice with the foundation.

Wunderman Thompson Thailand WORK Home is not a Boxing Ring

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