As an international bank, HSBC knows that it pays to keep an open mind. And that diverse perspectives, people and points of view can lead to prosperity for all of us. Unfortunately, the way we communicate with one another online has grown increasingly divisive.

With more of the world stuck in echo chambers where their own points of view are constantly played back to them, we felt compelled to remind the world to keep an open mind.


The world uses emojis because they’re universally understood, but we know that the world is full of misunderstanding and distinct points of view. So we wanted to create a small icon with a big message.

At the same time, emojis are becoming increasingly inclusive but none to date had touched on the topic of open mindedness. The opportunity emerged of creating a custom emoji that could act as a constant reminder to hear out others without judgement.


Partnering with Twitter, we launched the “Open Minds” emoji on World Emoji Day. Anytime the hashtag #OpenMinds was used, our custom emoji would appear. A variety of emojis were designed featuring people from all walks of life sharing a thought with one another.

We launched the emoji with a series of short videos designed for Twitter mimicking real emoji based conversations that could use a little open mindedness.


The World Emoji Day campaign was a success generating attention for HSBC beyond their expectations.

Conversation volume for HSBC increased four-fold and generated earned media coverage within Canada and beyond.

Scene of an animated city scape with various emojis and small bubble text strewn across.
White background with emojis of various couples.  Tops of heads are missing and you see arrows into each others brains.

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