More than 20 million Russians have a cost of living higher than their income, and pensioners are one of the most financially vulnerable groups, who often cannot afford daily essentials.

There are numerous NGOs who take care of pensioners’ needs in Russia – but that effort has been unable to improve the situation.

Russian people who want to help are concerned about transparency and being able to track their donations to the intended destination.

How could we connect those in need with those who want to help – and provide transparency?


For us, it became obvious there was a niche need for a tool to solve the problems of elderly citizens who are struggling financially, so we decided to create it with the help of Russian actor Nikita Kukushkin – a charity project inspired by simple and convenient taxi apps.


Charity communications is often gloomy and depressing, hindering people’s motivation to help. We came up with the innovative charity app Pomosch (Help) with an inspiring and upbeat tone that enables people to donate money to cover a specific need, like buying groceries or medicine. Donors see the names and pictures of others who donate so they feel a part of a something bigger – a community of like-minded people committed to helping out.

The interactive mobile app makes it easy to find someone who needs help, and the profile shows your donation and provides a report.

The interactive app also features positive stories from community wards, with an element of gameplay to deepen engagement. Providing visibility into the wards makes it easier for users to find people in their community who need help.


The results of the Pomosch app have been remarkable. News has been widely shared across social media, and media and influencers have picked up on the app, fueling its massive popularity. Four days from launch, the app made it into the top of lifestyle apps in Google Play and the App Store, achieving high rates from users.

The app has increased donations to community wards in need and the fund has been supported as well. The campaign is expanding to other cities throughout Russia, reaching people in need in seven regions, with twenty-three more on the way, and the number of wards has doubled in three months.

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