The idea of who or what constitutes an individual’s family is in flux, with friends, colleagues and even pets occupying a similar position to blood relations. But brands can often uphold the outdated or stereotypical version. IKEA Family is for everyone and today reaches and inspires over 170 million members - but there was confusion around who it’s for, with many assuming it’s only for traditional, nuclear families.


IKEA understands that every family is different and every home is constantly evolving. They want to give members more choice than ever, while reflecting the growing diversity in the composition of modern families. IKEA Family is a club for you and everyone who wants to make life at home better.
With IKEA’s powerful ambition to ‘create a better life for the many people’ we saw this as the perfect opportunity to not only launch more inclusive and rewarding benefits, but to also shift perceptions of who IKEA Family is for.


Families come in all shapes and sizes, there are ones you’re born into, ones you choose, and even ones that choose you. No matter who you call family, or where you are in life, when it’s time for a change, a little support can go a long way.

Which is why we wanted to communicate that IKEA Family Rewards is built around the customer. Just like IKEA’s famous Allen key, rewards keys are designed to bring things together. Each key connects customers to great benefits, helping them build a better life at home with the people that matter. The more you connect with your IKEA Family, the more keys you collect, and the more rewards you get to choose from. This new approach meant customers are rewarded them for not only their spend but their interaction with the brand too.

To support the launch of the new reward keys, the integrated campaign further celebrates IKEA’s inclusive and democratic culture and raises awareness of IKEA Family amongst an expanded audience. 'For every shaped family' redefines what it means to be family and includes a 30-second film, and a series of print and social executions which showcase a range of family scenarios. From a man with his 'plant-babies' to an expectant mother, to a mature couple and a group of housemates sitting down for a family dinner. The campaign is diverse as it is inviting and inclusive.

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