Women face casual sexism every day. Just taking a stroll on the street, almost 60% receive unwanted comments about their bodies, what they’re wearing or about their makeup. Despite how rife casual sexism is, most people don’t consider it a problem and most perpetrators don’t think they’re doing or saying anything wrong, nor are they aware of the impact these comments have on women’s self-worth.

Lux wanted to spark conversation and inspire real behavior change by giving men the opportunity to walk in women’s shoes – offering them a glimpse of the harassment women experience simply when taking a walk.


‘In Her Shoes’ is part of a broader global Lux campaign to inspire 50 million women by 2025 to rise above everyday sexist judgements and express themselves unapologetically.

Casual sexism is a pervasive issue that impacts women every day. The constant barrage of comments has a negative impact that affects women’s confidence and causes them to question their actions. It sets a cultural norm that leads to more extreme issues like harassment and violence. Lux wanted to make perpetrators more aware of how their actions impact women, encouraging them to be allies rather than adversaries.


Lux ‘In Her Shoes’ is an interactive experience in partnership with the existing platform ‘City Walks’ which lets anyone virtually walk and explore streets in big cities – but we added an additional feature that enables viewers to walk as a man or woman.

Walking as a man is smooth, having little to no interaction with pedestrians.

However, walking as a woman reveals a drastic difference. Men stop you, berate you, compliment you, follow and intimidate you. It’s a sad truth that many women around the world face every single day, and we’ve captured it for everyone to live, feel and experience.


Since launch of the campaign, traffic to City Walks has more than doubled vs pre-campaign activation, and time spent on the site has increased by more than 20%. Our research also showed that of the men who visited the website and experienced walking ‘In Her Shoes’, 90% said they would be more mindful and think twice before making sexist comments.


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