Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people cannot pay their respects to their family grave. According to a survey, the number one event that Japanese wanted to do but could not in the summer of 2020 was to visit a grave during the Buddhist holidays. The idea of this product is to create a way that allows people to feel closer to and pray for their loved ones whilst at home.


This product was originally inspired by the idea of changing the shape of straight incense to remember our loved ones. We proposed our self-initiated idea to Kameyama, a long-established incense company to offer joint development.


Hiking, reading, golfing or surfing…Giving shape to hobbies and favorite things of the loved one enables you to pray for them anywhere, anytime with memory of them. This is an unprecedented product. This is the Incense of Memories.


After the prototype was released, it immediately went viral in the news and social media as a new style of a memorial service during this period of confinement. The product will be available at retailers in Japan from May 2021.

WT Tokyo Anohino Omokage Senkoh

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