traffic jam

Inert City

Short film raises awareness of UN’s Global Goal for sustainable cities


  • United Nations


  • Sao Paulo


Build public awareness of the UN’s 17 Global Goals through short sequential films created via YouTube’s Video Ad Sequencing product. Our goal was the number 11: Sustainable cities and communities.


It's commonplace to hear people complain about traffic in Sao Paulo, with the popular refrain that ‘one day the city will stop.’ This inspired us to set mobility as the major point of convergence. Regardless of social class or method of transportation used, traffic jams affect the lives of everyone in Sao Paulo, every day – whether it’s chaotic traffic, pollution, violence or geographic inequality, among other issues.


Cidade Inerte (Inert City) explores what would happen to a family on the day that traffic stops in São Paulo.


Our goal is to inspire change in people by recognizing that they are part of the problem – but they can be part of the solution, too. As our closing message says: “How long does the city have to stop before people make a move?”

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