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Irish Life - Embracing Change

You can't control change but you can prepare for it.


Irish Life Group needed a way to support an expanded product range while also wanting to future proof growth by increasing consideration amongst two of its growth segments, Millennials (for health insurance) and Retirees (for pension optimisation). A strong Masterbrand was necessary to ensure these two critical parts of Irish Life’s business grew, whilst building greater consideration for Irish Life as a whole with all age groups, young and old.


We all want to feel more secure and in control of our lives, but are faced with constant, often unpredictable change which we can’t control – though we can take measures to help us better prepare for it.

Our ability to deal with change is what ultimately makes it a positive or negative experience.


'Embrace Change'. An idea rooted in our common tendency to catastrophise and we brought this to life through a series of light-hearted scenarios to showcase the futility of catastrophising about future life changes. We show that Irish Life's breadth of product offerings, from Health and Life Insurance to Pensions and Investments, are best placed to help people prepare for and navigate life’s changes.


Our brand campaign has increased first consideration for Irish Life across all products (life insurance, pensions, investments and health) and all ages, even amongst non-customers, by improving brand relevance and affinity.

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