How could KITKAT reinforce its iconic fame and status in an engaging and playful way?


KITKATs 85th anniversary presented us with a unique and momentous opportunity to do something special with the brand. Inspired by moment marketing success stories and other ads and brands famously repurposing their longstanding brand properties, Wunderman Thompson came up with a way for KITKAT to give its own legendary slogan ‘Have a break, have a KITKAT’ a well-deserved break. In doing so, the brand was able to reinforce its ever-relevant brand purpose and cut through in a fresh, modern and engaging way.


The #ABreakForHaveABreak campaign invited KITKAT fans far and wide to join the 85-year celebration and play with the brand by submitting a temporary alternative slogan to ‘Have a break, have a KITKAT’ to stand in whilst the famous line had a much needed break. With a special prize up for grabs, we posted daily across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to prompt our audience to send in the best, sound-a-like lines they could think of. We even created an AI online slogan generator bot to give them some inspiration and help along the way. Not only did our consumers take up the challenge but fellow brands did too.

To build continuous momentum, we rewarded entrants by revealing the brand’s favourites throughout the competition with a 'pick of the day' shout out. In true KITKAT style, with its uniquely humorous tone of voice, the wackier, wilder and funnier the entry, the more likely the shout out. At the end of the competition, our very own legendary creative Jeremy Bullmore, who joined J. Walter Thompson London in 1954 as a trainee copywriter (three years before the iconic KITKAT line was coined), helped the brand pick the best temporary soundalike slogan. Our winning slogan writer was then treated to an 85-hour break of their own in a luxury hotel stay for two. With our winner enjoying a complimentary break, it was time for 'Have a break, have a KITKAT' to return to its rightful place and the campaign closed with our much-loved line – one of the world’s longest running slogans – making its comeback, refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated to take on the next 85 years.


The campaign was a fun and interactive way to invite people to play with the brand and celebrate its anniversary, all while harnessing and reigniting the spirit and humour of KITKAT. #ABreakForHaveABreak helped reinforce all that KITKAT stands for, reigniting its core purpose in a modern and fresh way to bring the brand closer to consumers and share a moment with fans far and wide.

KitKat case study board showing campaign assets and results

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