In the eyes of Chinese consumers, a Volkswagen is often calm, low-key and soft, which makes Volkswagen a reliable choice. But with the arrival of Generation Z, market perception and environment have changed, and Volkswagen needs to make changes for Generation Z, a trendy young consumer group.


We start with the English name of Lamando L, whose English pronunciation is similar to that of Chinese spicy steamed buns, so Lamando L sits on a domineering and playful official nickname —— "Hot Buns". SAIC Volkswagen uses 'Hot' as the core communication concept to make Lamando L look like "the most unlike Volkswagen", which is 'Hot' !


Visually, we went beyond the typical bright and clean Volkswagen style. Creating a hot and sizzling visual feast. We even travelled to China’s capital of 'hot': Chongqing. Where China’s hottest car met China’s hottest city, and shot the full campaign assets including videos, lifestyle, and KV.

At the communication level, we dominated Gen Z social platforms. Pushing hot comms on the hottest channels, including Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, and Bilibili. We invited a famously ‘Hot’ woman, “Lao Gan Ma,”To create a co-branded hot sauce blind box series with Lamando L. Giving young people a hot new flavour to share together.

And at the official launch event, we launched Lamando L the hottest way possible—by entering the Metaverse!

上汽大众凌渡 PK篇30s 0411

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