To celebrate the launch of their new Texas-Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwich, Church’s Chicken is on a mission to put Bacon back on the map in it’s homestate of Texas. Literally. About 100 years ago Bacon, Texas fell off the map in Texas by losing it’s post office and it’s official location on the map. Now it’s up to Church’s and fans of Bacon everywhere, to make Bacon, Texas official again.


“A natural evolution of our more distinctive menu innovation journey is bringing even bolder, Texas-inspired flavors to our guests,” said Brian Gies, Chief Marketing Officer for Church’s®. This position was the springboard into the idea that we could bring home bacon, to Texas.


Church’s hit the road to spread the word of their mission, first stopping at the original location of Bacon, Texas and then to San Antonio, where iconic fast-food chain was founded, to hand out their new Texas Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwich and launch an official petition to put Bacon back on the map in the state of Texas.

Through their petition on, Church’s Chicken hopes to garner enough interest and signatures to make Bacon an official town in Texas onec again. They also created a “Welcome to Bacon, TX” sign outside of location to get more hype for the future town and further encourage signatures on the petition.


Concieved as a PR driving idea, with no paid media support, the idea of bringing Bacon back to Texas, along with Church's new Texas Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwich, has been picked up by over 20 outlets; reaching over 250 million people.

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