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Did you know that disposal of pens contribute majorly towards plastic pollution?


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Raising awareness on plastic pollution caused by the disposal of pens and doing so through a digital film while under lock-down.


Re-use a pen by using a refill - The rapidly increasing plastic pollution has become the largest environmental and human health hazard. And we keep adding to this crisis with our allegiance to the use-and-throw culture. The campaign was based on a simple insight – more often than not, one tends to throw away a pen after a single use and this contributes majorly towards the increasing pollution. This inspired us to create a film for Earth Day, to raise awareness against the disposal of pens and encouraging people to reuse it by using a refill.


Life Lines - The idea was to demonstrate in a refreshing way that a simple habit of using a refill can fill up nature with life as well. The story is of a little girl using a Pentonic pen to write the names of different animals and birds on a piece of paper, only to see the lines move on their own accord and morphing into these animals. While writing, when the ink runs out, instead of disposing the pen, she replaces the refill and continues to use it.

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