The low-cost airline industry in Vietnam is promotion heavy. Promotions help sell tickets during peak season, and many rivals were ‘piling it high and selling it low’. But the pricing for the ticket was already set at zero (cost per ticket). Zero. Yes, zero! How does a low-cost airline like Vietjet Air beat zero?


If sales were the ultimate objective, then the journey to the sale had to be seamless. Apart from scrutinising previous campaign data, the data team looked into transaction data. The past 400 days of website and mobile transactions data were analysed. The objective was to identify the problems in the user journey.


The campaign idea, Love to Fly, was crafted for engagement – one seamless idea that stitched together the strategy, the experience and social channels’ attraction, while the back end was ramped up to avoid the glitches and the dropouts. Love to Fly was a combination of unplanned travellers’ passion to fly plus a price they would love to pay (better than zero).


Our results achieved more than double what had been expected. For every $1 spent, revenue grew by $19.87 and achieved a 200% increase

WT VietJet Air Love to Fly Case study Video

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