Every year, the Madrid Design Festival transforms Madrid into the world capital of design, bringing together thousands of professionals and experts from all disciplines. The festival was launched with the aim of championing the transformative power of design, a power in ever greater need in a world full of things that aren’t working. In the past years, the list has continued to grow: overpopulation, climate change, increasingly hectic lives, insecurity, and even a global health crisis.

This scenario posed a very difficult challenge for us. We had to convince the public that the design, an often-underestimated discipline, is capable of changing the world we live in for the better.


A big part of what we have achieved as a society has been thanks to design. Its transformative power has allowed us to solve countless problems, and it continues to do so daily and will continue to do so in the future as well. However, the world we live in is a long way off the world we want. And we all share a large part of the blame. This resulted in the “#RedesignTheWorld” concept, a communication platform that has served as the premise for all of the campaigns that we have developed.


Each year, we have reflected on the transformative power of design from different perspectives. From the debate about looking for an alternative to this world when we can improve the one that we already have, through to politics, imagining a Ministry of Design and asking for signatures to make it a reality. We have also imagined the world as a person, allowing it to ask for help from design in order to redesign the world, or giving that power to people, inviting them to ask design for everything they desire for this world we live in to be better.


Over the course of these years, we have managed to position the Madrid Design Festival as an innovative event with something to say. The “#RedesignTheWorld” concept has become one of its main keys, and each year it allows us to reflect in a relevant and inspiring way in order to continue exploring all of design’s achievements.

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