All over the world, people are skeptical of artificial intelligence. As a pioneer in all things AI, Microsoft wants to highlight the positive aspects of this technology. How can we allay people’s fears and prove to them that AI is an incredibly powerful tool we could use to solve complex problems?


Microsoft invites everybody to share how they think artificial intelligence could help to improve our lives. Everyone can submit their own ideas via a microsite, and the most innovative and exciting visions are realized in close collaboration with experienced AI developers and companies. The first few projects have already been successfully executed.

For instance, the Child Growth Monitor provides a simpler and more efficient way to detect and measure malnutrition in children. Other AI ideas aim to help people to secure their harvest, minimize the risk of a stroke, and revolutionize the maintenance of electricity networks.


The initiative had a lasting impact on consumers’ opinions of AI: for the first time, Microsoft is perceived as a market leader in digital transformation and AI (prompted study by GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute).

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