After almost 30 years in the Egyptian Market, Mandolin was seen as an outdated, traditional brand that lacks innovation


The Mandolin product has very simple ingredients. It's just Biscuit, topped with Caramel, enrobed in Chocolate. So instead of shying away from it, we decided to embrace that and use it to our benefit.

With an overload of content and products, we often find ourselves in a choice paralysis dilemma and are left trapped inside a choice dilemma, leading us directly to products we know and love for their nostalgia and simplicity. And that's what we based our platform on.


Keep it Simple.

We wanted to shift the narrative around Mandolin. From 'we lack innovation' to 'we're good the way we are that's why we don't change.' Hammering on our ingredients, we emphasized that Mandolin doesn't over-complicate things and just keeps it simple.

Our film approach captures the same essence of our product, abandoning all unnecessary & over-complicated details to sell the story. By revealing in a rapid succession, the un-making of our story, we are establishing the beauty and essentialism of keeping things simple and leaving it to consumers to choose the same for themselves.


We expect to strongly grow the brand relevance and association with today's youth, to ultimately increase its market share versus competitors.

Mandolin Desert main Copy OLD PACK

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