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Mask India

Make your own mask. Wear your own mask.


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Resolving the acute shortage of medical masks and the need to save them for frontline workers. Amidst the rising toll of Coronavirus cases and the fear of community spread, it was critical to share the message that everyone should wear masks.


The Times of India raised a countrywide call to all Indians to make their own masks at home. The campaign also focuses on proper sanitation and disposal of the masks.

By doing so, we empowered every citizen of the country to take charge of protecting themselves, their families and their communities. We inspired individual action and responsibility among Indians and prepared them to engage in the largest fight of their generation.


To multiply reach of the campaign and drive engagement and practice, #MaskIndia was conceptualized as the first completely integrated campaign between the Times of India and Times Internet. News channels across the Times Network regularly broadcast the need to wear homemade masks. All TOI and TIL properties are teaching Indians how to make, wear, sanitize and dispose of their masks. The #MaskIndia hashtag compels citizens to participate and upload pictures wearing their self-made masks on the campaign website – so the world can see how Indians are fighting back!


While campaign results are not yet available, we already generated a huge amount of awareness in the national press when the Prime Minister tweeted about #MaskIndia and followed up by making and wearing his own mask, as well as retweeting others’ pictures and stories that were sent to him.

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