Medidata, a market-leading provider of cloud-based products for life sciences has been helping their customers design, launch, and run clinical trials for over 20 years.

Known primarily for their clinical data cloud, RAVE EDC, Medidata had a strong growth ambition—to establish themselves as a unified platform of connected products, not a one-off provider.

Our opportunity was to change the way the market thought of them, thus helping to expand their customer base while allowing them to cross-sell additional products to existing customers.


Medidata has a complex mix of stakeholders—everyone from enterprise-level decision-makers at pharmaceutical companies to outsourced contract resource organizations (CROs)—who all influence the buying decision.

While we considered the sum-total of these audience needs and ensured that those insights informed the creative process, our brief ultimately came from our senior-most client, who said simply, “make us the most relevant and exciting brand in life sciences.”


Our creative platform—Solve the Impossible—draws from the attitude and spirit of the people that work at Medidata. More powerful than what they do or why they do it, this ability to offer what others can’t and help their customers to make the seemingly impossible real is Medidata’s true differentiator.


The Solve the Impossible campaign has dramatically changed how people think about Medidata. A new round of customer interviews describes a very different company—one that is no longer viewed as “slow” and “safe,” but “innovative, future facing, and inspiring.”

Ongoing brand tracking research also paints a vastly different picture. Unaided brand awareness has risen from 18% to 79%, customer response has been overwhelmingly positive, and employees have been enthusiastically embracing the campaign—making the language of the manifesto their own.

Wunderman Thompson Health Medidata Solve The Impossible Case Video
Solve The Impossible is more than a brand campaign—it's an ethos that strengthens our position as the most admired brand in life sciences. It captures our culture and our spirit—the energy we bring to every challenge—where everyone in our ecosystem is working to solve the world's most pressing and urgent health needs. Together we Solve the Impossible.

Glen de Vries

Co-CEO, Medidata

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