Saudi Telecom Company has the biggest network and the widest coverage across Saudi Arabia – but competitors were making false claims against this proven statistic in order to acquire more customers. Saudi Telecom had to re-establish their market leadership and gain back the trust and confidence of customers.


Saudi Arabia is covered by vast deserts and nearly half the country is uninhabited, unseen and unreachable by most – except for the desert camel, the only being that can reach these areas and an icon that holds a special place in Saudi Arabia’s heart, where camels are often called ‘the ship of the desert’.


Our Saudi Arabia, US and Costa Rica teams launched Sarha – the world’s first content-creating camel. Sarha the camel roams the vast Saudi desert putting STC’s network through the ultimate test while also unveiling the unseen wonders of Saudi Arabia when the country is re-opening for tourism.

This combination between a primitive pachyderm and state-of-the-art technology enabled a renowned group of international photographers to connect remotely to a camera rig system installed on the camel’s hump using STC’s network feeding them live data for optimizing their photography, which is shared on the campaign website and the data captured released on Instagram.


Just a few days after launch, the campaign achieved massive levels of engagement online:

  • Total impressions: 307,248,640
  • Total posts: 1602
  • Total mentions: 1620
  • Total videos views: 1.3 Million
MEET SARHA Case Study English HQ

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