How could we evolve the old way of finding missing people, which many times takes decades, and use new technology to give people hope of quickly locating missing family members?


In Colombia, civil war, natural disasters and personal tragedies have left countless families searching for their loved ones and more than 60% of missing family members never come home.


Missing Stock is a free AI-driven image bank for brands to use in ad campaigns that replaces the faces of models with the faces of missing people. The image bank’s AI tool can predict aging and changes in facial features of missing people, greatly increasing their chances of being found.

The only thing we asked was that each brand add a disclaimer to their ad expressing that the person in the ad was actually a missing person. Global and local brands joined the initiative and used the faces of missing people in their campaigns – greatly increasing their chances of being found.


Major brands joined the cause, including Ford, AB InBev and Honda, using the photos from missing stock in several of their advertising campaigns. The campaigns have achieved more than 14 million social media impressions and approximately $12 million in reach media. Through Missing Stock, the International Foundation for Reunion has also found several people through DNA tests to verify their consanguinity.


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2022 Cannes Lions

2022 Cannes Lions