Light & Free is a low-calorie dessert brand that doesn’t behave like one. It offers protein-rich yogurts that are low in sugar and fat but with no shortage of flavour. Since its launch, the brand has championed the idea that looking after yourself does not have to be seen as a routine, restrictive or boring. Looking after yourself can be fun. This year, coinciding with the disappearance of the Taillefine brand, whose products were incorporated into the Light & Free portfolio, the brand needed to go one step further and get across its view on taking care of your body in a clear and direct manner that would connect and engage with French consumers.


Society – consumers themselves – always provide the best inspirations. And the figures did not lie: 60% of the French population mistreat their bodies to live up to the demands of beauty. Taking care of yourself is synonymous with mistreating and limiting yourself. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With this idea, we proposed a strategy grounded on the notion of taking care of your body through love, respect, and pleasure.


We kicked off with the most emblematic display of love of all time: the love letter. Letters that, in this case, were addressed to our own bodies. However, to achieve the effect that we were going after, they had to be real and personal letters and, above all, influential letters – personal stories that people were willing to listen to. So, we reached out to four French influencers that had different relationships with their bodies. We worked with Julie (@douzefevrier), Léa (@jenesuispasjoli), Louise (@mybetterself), and Caroline (@fiftyyearsofawoman). The four influencers wrote their own letters, and through the “#MonCherCorps (My Dear Body)” concept, we created an honest and inspiring campaign that invited French women to reconnect with their bodies.


Following years of double-digit downturns, Light & Free managed to recover its market share with a growth of 9.1% from 2021 to 2022. Market penetration also increased moderately, reaching 17.2%. All of the campaign assets increased engagement, especially in the case of the social media activation, with a 9.7% engagement rate and 8.3 M impressions. Not only did the message reach its target, it also generated interest among consumers, who produced more than 34,000 clicks on Light & Free social media channels.

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