We have been witnessing the devastation of nature for decades, but people don’t seem to care about these problems. As the biggest and most respected ONG in the world, we decided to make a call to raise awareness and sensitize people about the severity and impact of bushfires and deforestation of our planet, communicating it in a way where everyone can hear us.


During the Australian bushfires, news went viral – a little bird called the Australian Magpie, known for its incredible ability to learn and mimic surrounding sounds, began to mimic the sound of fire truck sirens after hearing them for months. We realized that this was nature calling for help – because we also discovered another bird from Australia, the Lyre Bird, that also mimics the sound of chainsaws and saws from the logging and deforestation of its habitat.


We created a radio campaign using the real recordings of these birds, perfectly mimicking the sounds they heard while their forests were being destroyed – a powerful call to join the fight for preservation, because more than ever, nature is calling for help


Nature’s call for help spread far and wide around the world, raising awareness about the seriousness and impact of the problem for our planet and generating passionate public debate. The campaign is still on air and being shared across all the World Wildlife Fund network of countries.


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2021 Clio Awards

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