At a time when consumers look for what is natural and healthy, studies revealed that no one knew that Frize is a 100% Portuguese natural sparkling water. How could we end this unawareness?


We turned our problem into an opportunity – nobody knows where Frize comes from because it is nature’s best kept secret.


Frize is ‘Nature’s best kept secret’ – and nature itself did everything it could to stop the campaign from airing. On TV and online, documentary-style films tell the drama experienced by a team that went to Vila Flor (where the water comes from) to film the ad. When they arrived at the location they were surprised and attacked by local animals. We hear the poignant testimonies of team members who don’t hide their concern that they have no campaign to air, giving us a campaign about nature’s best kept secret.


The campaign was recalled by 69% of the target audience and sales increased 20%. Another result? The origin and naturality of Frize is now clear to the Portuguese.

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2019 Clube Criativos de Portugal

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