Due to the pandemic, Space Sweepers – Korea’s first-ever space blockbuster – had nowhere to land. With cinemas closed, millions of K-pop fans were left wondering where and when they would finally get to watch it. It was eventually unveiled that Space Sweepers would be launched exclusively on Netflix.


We needed an impactful campaign for this blockbuster film that could only be watched at home.


Netflix presents Space Sweepers “Lightboxes from Space” – a blockbuster from space, not in theaters, but straight to people’s homes. Movie lightboxes fell from the sky onto people’s houses in crowded residential areas of Bangkok, where one lightbox a day was dropped during the countdown to the premiere. The campaign lightboxes would drive massive buzz on social media and launched more than 20K conversations on Twitter overnight and fans went on a hunt for photo spots as well, generating over 1K photos on social media. A day after the launch, lightboxes fell onto everyone’s house through an Instagram filter.


The campaign to date has received over 48M impressions and 3.4K engagements, and Space Sweepers has ranked Number 1 on Netflix Thailand for three weeks since film premiere day. For Space Sweepers, it’s Mission Accomplished.

Wunderman Thompson Thailand WORK Netflix Lightbox

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2021 Adman Award

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