Facing the dramatic fall in the birth rate in Spain and continuing with the spirit of rebellion that Scalpers transmits in its campaigns, we took the opportunity to send a message inviting Spanish society to procreate on Christmas’ eve.


Given the dramatic drop in the birth rate in Spain, we urgently need more rebels to be born to improve the situation. And with the same rebellious spirit that represents the skull in their logo, once again, Scalpers made a statement of intentions by inviting us to procreate.


Directed by La Sister de Albiñana Films, the ad takes the opportunity of the Christmas season to launch a message that continues to build Scalpers’ brand identity: rebelliousness. Also, it invites Spanish society to turn Christmas Eve into a great Night of Love. What makes the piece unique is its soundtrack. This is a version of the well-known Christmas song Noche de Paz produced by Ale Costa and sung by one of the referents of the Spanish music, Raphael, and one of the greatest promises, María Yfeu.


On television, the campaign was launched on Saturday, December 17th and was on air until January 5th. Almost 20 million impacts were achieved in adult targets, with an average frequency of 4.4 impacts per individual. The campaign was 100% concentrated in A3 media Group.


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