The future of Canadian soccer had never looked brighter.

Our Women’s national team was 5th in the FIFA rankings, there were more kids playing than ever before, and, for the first time since the 1980s, we had a professional league to call our own in the Canadian Premier League.

OneSoccer, a new over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service, would give Canadian soccer fans the ability to stream the best of Canadian soccer all in one place.

We needed to create a distinctive brand identity to represent this new service and develop a launch campaign to drive initial subscriber growth.


For the brand identity, our goal was to create a unique palette of distinctive assets that with constant use could become immediately recognizable as OneSoccer. We also wanted to create an immediate connection to soccer.

For the launch campaign, to command a worthy and distinctive place within the streaming service repertoire of soccer fans, our strategy was to tap into the growing passion for the game in Canada. We focused on the insight that, for die-hard fans, following the wins and losses of a sport is like subscribing to a real-life drama.


The brand identity’s central icon evoked the upward motion of a soccer ball to represent the rise of the game in Canada, and we decided on an unexpectedly vibrant colour palette to stand out from the traditional tones of the OTT competitive set. The result was a distinctive brand that immediately cued soccer without relying on tired clichés of the sport.

To launch OneSoccer, we created an integrated campaign tapping into the passion for the Canadian game. We borrowed a powerful line from the Canadian national anthem – “See thee rise” – which served to forge an unmistakable connection between the brand’s functional benefit of allowing you to “see” the game rise and Canadian pride.

To achieve immediate reach, drive maximum awareness and establish legitimacy for the service, we created unique, contextually driven creative for broadcast, as well as out-of-home, online video and social media.


A distinctive brand identity and launch campaign have gotten OneSoccer off to an excellent start.

Based on the success of the launch, the brand has expanded its service to cover Concacaf Nations League, Chinese Super League, Liga MX, Chinese FA Cup and Spanish Women’s Pro Soccer League.

ONE SOCCER See Thee Rise Case Study 4522
One Soccer Logo. Background hot pink. Left image in blue, middle hot pin, right image in white
3 images separated by white border. Left image of soccer player in green jersey speaking into a microphone. Middle image a sportscaster in One Soccer black jacket. Right image of soccer player in actions. He is wearing a red One Soccer jersey.
Shot of interview stage, with 4 white chairs. 4 screens with One Soccer logos
Outside brick wall with bus shelter in the forefront. Two posters in purple and hot pink saying : "See Thee Rise One Soccer" Woman standing in the bus shelter and a passerby located to the right of the shelter.
Black and white shot of soccer game in progress. See Thee Rise printed in white across the image. One soccer logo in white at the centre bottom of the image.

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