In line with its “Open” philosophy CU created Open Buttons, a set of 4 different buttons that when pressed provide free data in different ways, thus answering youth’s need for ever more data. The challenge was how to communicate the notion of opening up data and opening oneself in a powerful, differentiating and youth relevant way with a much smaller budget than the competition.


To decode the functional observation that “youth don’t want to run out of data” we explored in dept the role data plays in young people’s lives and how they really feel about it. The real data stories youth shared, revealed that data work as the enabler not only of their everyday life but of their identity & self-expression as well. Put Simply: My life isn’t as meaningful if I don’t have the ability to share it.


“Real Data Stories”: Inspiration deriving directly from youngsters that gives the floor to youth to express themselves and share their truth. Starting with an activation that developed into a full digitally driven campaign we invited youth to participate in a unique, real life CU event. Participants shared their personal stories about how they feel when they have data, and when they don’t, directly on camera; then took a leap of faith, jumping from a very high platform to fall on a huge, branded inflatable button, signifying “pressing” the button with their body and thus liberating data and themselves.


With a limited budget compared to the competition the campaign drove brand awareness growth well the above benchmarks, while at the same time the usage of the new Open Buttons services exceeded objectives. Perhaps most importantly, following the campaign the net promotion scores (intent to recommend) skyrocketed above the telco and brand benchmarks.

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