#OpenHope with #DoorsOfIndia

The #DoorsOfIndia are finally unlocked to #OpenHope for 1.38 billion Indians


  • Tata Pravesh (Tata Steel)


  • India
  • Kolkata


After being confined behind the #DoorsOfIndia - which seemed like an eternity, the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government of India were gradually eased. Eager to bounce back, India opened its doors to hope, to new opportunities. With the #DoorsOfIndia unlocking at last, India was poised for a new beginning. The challenge was to chronicle this watershed event - a milestone in the country's history.


Wunderman Thompson India's Chief Creative Officer, Senthil Kumar, wrote to the client - 'Now it’s time for Tata Pravesh to own the biggest moment ever for humankind in recent times and deliver an exemplary emotional film. We have the momentum to own the most human moment ever and, with the idea and execution in clear sight, we must not close the door on this concept.' The client gave a go ahead basis Senthil's conviction and there was no looking back.


Use #DoorsOfIndia to transition from the negative to the positive - from the lockdown to the opening up, lit with the rays of hope of a new beginning. Start with reversing shots of doors closing and show the same doors now opening - all in super quick cuts. Follow this with stunning shots of open doors and people, from all over India, standing just outside their threshold. Interspersed with these shots are images of animals waking from their slumber, vehicles on the move, airplanes flying overhead and hundreds of open doors - all of which are evidence of India’s emergence into the light from the depths of darkness.. All this set to a soundscape created using live sounds of doors being opened along with ambient street noises, that captures the intense emotion of a fresh start.


The film which was released on social media garnered a lot of traction and media mileage. In just 4 days of launch, it has reached 15 million people on Facebook and Instagram, garnering 2.5 million views. Tata Pravesh, a brand still in its infancy, is expecting a 5% increase in brand awareness.

Tata Pravesh Film 2 YT version

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