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Pass on the Blessing

A red packet designed to make donations easy


  • Save the Children


  • Hong Kong


In keeping with Save The Children's tagline of 'A Little is a Lot’, we wanted a simple and effective way to help people donate money. Instead of big one-off donations, we believed smaller, more convenient transactions could make a bigger impact.


During Chinese New Year, people exchange red packets containing small amounts of money as a blessing for the year ahead, small gestures that go a long way for those in need.


A simple innovative design that allows you to instantly donate money with minimal effort. The letter doubles as a donation envelope that can go directly into any post box. By putting a simple creative twist on an age-old tradition, we gave people the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of the less fortunate.


This simple way to encourage donations paved the way for a new tradition of making charitable donations at Chinese New Year.

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